Canaan Technology Services was founded on the principle of providing “customer centric” solutions. Our objective is to evaluate client needs and provide a solution that is tailored to their business requirements. We ensure success through the solutions we provide. What we do differently is to listen to the customer, then evaluate the needs from a technical and business perspective. Based on the evaluation we will review the product or services with the client to ensure that it met the needs. We do not compromise on the requirement, technical expertise, skills and quality.

Canaan Technology Services has a suite of products, services and expertise geared to provide solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Whether you are a startup or a company with revenues in the tens of millions, we can help. Our suite of services range from logo development, website development, e-commerce, search engine optimization, mobile application development, web application development, IT consulting and custom application development.

We provide services and solutions to multiple industries. Whether you are in the Real Estate business, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Provider, Doctors Office, Accounting firm, Individual CPA, Small business owner, Printing, Retail, Telecom, Energy,  Media, Insurance, Manufacturing, Trucking, Warehouse, Storage, Waste Management, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy, Education, School, Professional Services, Management Services or Consulting we can help.


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Custom Cloud Applications

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